A full-service solutions provider, TouchTurns has built a reputation through custom-designed equipment, processes, manufacturing experience, and responsiveness to customer needs. Partnering with leading touch IC vendors, advance material suppliers, and technology developers and integrators, TouchTurns offers complete module design (hardware and software) for Mobile, Wearables, Industrial, Security/Banking, POS, Medical, Navigation, Marine, Military, Automotive, Education, Large-Panel Signages, Gaming, & Flexible/Bendable touch devices with sensor, FPC, display, and firmware tuning based either on off-the-shelf standard designs or unique customer requirements.

Besides touch, TouchTurns helps customers integrate touch module with frames/casing by forged, stamped or MIM process, cosmetic surface finishing by PVD coating, and specialty cover substrates. TouchTurns also provides service or equipment in laser micro machining including laser ablation, laser patterning, laser sintering, laser drilling and cavities for semi-conductor IC substrate/Packaging, and laser cutting.

Established in 2011, TouchTurns has been fabricating prototypes and volume production parts at its global manufacturing facilities and serving customers in North America. TouchTurns is innovative, flexible, and versatile with a well proven track record supporting customers.
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