At TouchTurns, we offer foundry services where we manufacture capacitive touch screen modules based on a customer's designs. This involves a third party IC controller supplier which provides the IC controller, firmware, FPC design, and sensor design. In addition, the customer provides the specification and mechanical design requirements. An added benefit to this partnership is that our final design files run in volume without modification which will decrease manufacturing time.

Our manufacturing line is compatible with numerous design architectures and touch panel LCD lamination for glass- and film-based sensor solutions.
  Cover Glass Soda-lime, Gorilla™, Dragontrail™ Glass, PMMA
Custom artwork on cover glass
Thickness: 0.5mm
  Sensor Glass 0.2mm; Stock commonly used thickness: 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.55mm
Single or Double-Side coated ITO
Sheet Resistance: 15 ohms/sq.
  Sensor Film Thickness: 0.013mm
Single-Side coated ITO; AgNW; CNB; CNT or Double-Side coated AgNW
Sheet Resistance: 50 ohms/sq.
  Laser Patterning Glass: Single laser etching line width: 10 2um
10um/10um line/space ITO
35um/35um line/space Ag Traces
Film: Single laser etching line width: 35 5um
35um/35um line/space ITO
60um/60um line/space Ag Traces
  Silver Paste Printing 6um nano-particle Ag paste
Square Resistance: <0.15 ohms/sq.
  Singulation/Trimming CCD aligned mechanical scribing
50um dimensional repeatability
  FPC Bonding CCD aligned FPC Bonding system
DITO: 200um/200um pad/space
OGS: 150um/150um pad/space
Sensor Film: 200um/200um pad/space
  Direct Lamination up to 10.1" Optically-Clear Adhesive (OCA)
Thermoplasic Optical Clear Film (TPCF)
SCA Optical Film
UV-cured Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive

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